SVI Armored Vehicle Rentals

SVI is renowned throughout the world as a leading authority of armoured cars. We have a vast stock of Armoured Cars For Sale in various specifications to suit your needs, both factory armoured by the original manufacturers and aftermarket armoured.

Our Armoured Car Hire services have been widely used in South Africa, providing essential protection to visiting Heads of State, Royalty, Diplomats, High Net Worth Individuals, CEO’s and Influential People from around the world. Our Armoured Cars for Hire, allowing specialist security chauffeur companies to facilitate visiting high profile principles. Alternatively we can recommend select, security chauffeurs that we have worked with previously.

Our Armoured Car Support is what defines us as global leaders of Armoured Cars. We are armoured car experts first and foremost, with extensive experience about what makes an armoured car tick. We can maintain or repair your armoured car, supply you with parts, arrange logistics or simply supply you with advice.